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15.4 Dates & Events

1931 - Japan captures Manchuria.

1938 - Germany annexes Austria.

Germany Britain, France and Italy sign the Munich Pact.

Sept 1, 1939 - Germany invades Poland. This attack begins World War II.

Sept 3, 1939 - Britain and France declare war on Germany

Sept 1939 - Germany attacks and captures Denmark and Norway.

Sept 17, 1939 - Soviet Union, canceling the non-aggression pact, attacks Poland from the East.

Nov 30, 1939 - Soviet Union invades Finland.

June 1939 - Italy declares war on the Allies in June.

Apr 1940 - Paris falls to the Nazis.

1940 - Japan joins the Axis powers.

Winston Churchill replaces Chamberlain as the Prime Minster of UK.

July 1940 - Battle of Britain.

Germany invades France and it surrenders.

Italy invades Greece. British troops fight Italy in North Africa.

1940-1941 - Britain fights against the Axis Powers.

1941 - Italian and German troops invade Egypt in June.

Germans attack USSR. They capture Leningrad but are defeated near Moscow (in winter).

June 1941 - Germany attacks Russia.

Dec 7, 1941 - Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.

Dec 1941 - USA declares war on the Axis Powers.

Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Burma,

Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are overrun by Japan.

Germans occupy Greece and Yugoslavia.

Allies took Ethiopia from Italians and gain control of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

Dec 1941 - Germany and Italy declare war on USA.

1942 - Allies won the Battle of El Alamein on Egypt.

Japanese expansion stopped by US victories at Coral Sea (May), Midway Island (June) and Guadalcanal (August).

Nov 1942 - The Allies are victorious over the Axis Powers.

1943-44 - US troops retake Gilbert, Marshall Caroline and Mariana Islands. These would be used as bases to carry out bombing raids on Japan.

Sept 1943 - Italy surrenders and signs an armistice with the Allies.

1944 - US forces begin recapturing Philippines

British troops start recapturing Burma.

Allies attack the areas under the Nazi in Italy.

June 1944 - D-Day invasion in Normandy.

Aug 1944 - Soviet troops marched towards Germany after forcing Germans off their territory.

Japanese Navy is defeated by US Navy in the battle of Leyte Gulf

Jan 1945 - Germans launch counter offensive but retreat using V-1 and V-2 rocket bombs.

April 30, 1945 - Hitler kills himself after Germany surrenders.

Allies meet at Yalta to discuss post war settlement.

Mussolini is assassinated

May 7, 1945 - President Roosevelt dies. Harry Truman becomes the President.

May 8, 1945 - VE Day celebrated victory in Europe.

Aug. 1945 - US drop Atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan (6th) and Nagasaki, Japan(9th)

Aug. 14 - The Japanese surrender.

Sept. 9, 1945 - World War II ends after statement of surrender is signed by the Japanese.

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