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CHAPTER 15 : WORLD WAR II (1939-1945)

15.0 Introduction

World War I had made the world ’safe for democracy’. Since Germany had been humbled, there was hardly any chance of war-mongering nations rising again. However what was desired did not turn out to be true. Germany and her defeated partners were filled with thoughts of revenge. The victorious powers of World War I, as Italy and Japan, did not secure enough. General discontent spread everywhere. While great democratic states were being shattered on one side, other nations like Germany were arming themselves rapidly. The statesmen of the big nations failed to nip aggressive Germany, Italy and Japan in the bud. Thus Germany, Italy and Japan not only ruined themselves, but also brought the whole world to the brink of ruin.

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15.0 - Introduction
15.1 - Causes of World WarII
15.2 - Course of World WarII
15.3 - Consequences of World WarII
15.4 - Dates & Events
15.5 Points to Remember

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