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18.0 Introduction

In the modern world, where the dependence between the nations is increasing, world organizations of a political, economic or whatever nature are gaining prominence. An organization of this sort serves in bringing together a number of countries on a single platform, uniting them by a common cause. Every organization subscribes to a number of principles and objectives. A record of these as well as the accomplishments of the union helps to give a concrete direction to the organization. It is also important that the member states hold sessions regularly and even select representatives in charge of the bodies.

The establishment of organizations calls for collective cooperation of conduct from the member nations. Hence organizations are desirable in today’s world.

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18.0 Introduction
18.1 Regional Organizations
   a. E.E.C
   b. O.P.E.C
   c. S.W.A.P.O
   d. S.A.A.R.C
   e. A.S.E.A.N,
   f. G.A.T.T.
   g. N.A.F.T.A
18.2 International Organizations
   a. N.A.M
   b. The Commonwealth
   c. U.N.O.
18.3 Dates & Events

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