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18.3 Dates & Events

1838 - The Durham Commission.

1941 - The US president Roosevelt and the British Prime Minister Churchill issued declaration called the Atlantic Charter.

1944 - Dumbarton Oaks Conference plans for the formation of an international organization were discussed.

1945 - The United Nations Organization was established.

The ILO started working as a special agency of the - UNO.

1946 - The UNICEF was established with its headquarters at New York. It tries to check the spread of diseases among children.

Nov 1946 - The UNESCO was established with its head quarters at Paris.

Apr 1948 - The WHO was established with its headquarters at Geneva.

Its main aim is to improve the health of all the people in all the countries of the world.

1955 - In a conference held in Bandung in Indonesia, thirty Asian and African countries declared themselves as neutralist.

1957 - The European Economic Community (EEC) was established by the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

1960 - SWAPO a militant body - was established by the people of Namibia.

1961 - The Afro-Asian countries adopted the caption of "Non-Aligned" at a conference in Belgrade.

1962 - In a conference held in Baghdad, the decision for the formation of the OPEC was taken.

1964 - The Cairo summit was held.

1965 - The Commonwealth Secretariat was established.

1971 - The Singapore declaration the objectives of the Commonwealth were specified.

1985 - SAARC was launched at Dhaka which was also the venue for the first summit.

1989 - Nelson Mandela was released.



18.0 Introduction
18.1 Regional Organizations
   a. E.E.C
   b. O.P.E.C
   c. S.W.A.P.O
   d. S.A.A.R.C
   e. A.S.E.A.N,
   f. G.A.T.T.
   g. N.A.F.T.A
18.2 International Organizations
   a. N.A.M
   b. The Commonwealth
   c. U.N.O.
18.3 Dates & Events

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