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20.2 Methods to check Pollution

People all over the world have realized the harmful effects of Pollution. Various approaches have been adopted in order to counter the effects of pollution.

(i) Recycling

The process of reprocessing waste products so that they can be used again is known as recycling. Things like cans and paper can be broken down and used again for the same purpose. Things like old tyres can be melted down using special methods to give chemicals like oil and gas.

(ii) Technological Developments

Filters or Catalytic Converters are used in vehicles to remove the pollutants from the exhaust and to make the process of combustion more complete. In the case of agriculture, biological controls are being used instead of pesticides. In this method different kinds of insects and bacteria are used to control pests.

(iii) Restrictions

Limitations have been put on the use of products like the DDT. A lot of cars today use unleaded petrol, as the lead present in the car exhausts is one of the major causes of Pollution. More and more car manufacturers are being encouraged to build machines that do not require leaded petrol.

(iv) Organizations controlling Pollution

The most in influential organization in favor of a pollution free world is the Greenpeace organization. The organization was founded in Canada in 1971. The main aim of this international organization is to protect the environment. Greenpeace draws the attention of the people towards activities like, oil drilling, nuclear bomb testing and the dumping of wastes into the ocean, which can cause grave danger to the environment. The organization also supports issues like, the threat to wild life because of hunting, the threat to wild life caused by habitat loss. The methods used by the members of the group is always direct and non-violent. If they come to know of any activity which they think is harmful to the environment, they reach the particular site and try to stop the activity.


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