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4.1 Meaning

The Reformation could be described as a religious movement that was directed against the Church of Rome. It involved a revolt against the authority and principles of the Christian Church in Rome with the Pope as its head. The Reformation was also a rebellion against the corruption and abuses in the Church, monasticism, Church rituals and sacraments as well as interference of the Pope in temporal affairs. Those going against the Pope were called ’Protestants’ while those continuing their allegiance to him, were referred to as ’Roman Catholics’.

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4.0 Introduction
4.1 Meaning
4.2 Importance of the Reformation
4.3 Causes of the Reformation
4.4 Spread of Protestantism
4.5 The Counter Reformation
4.6 Consequences of the Reformation
4.7 Dates & Events
4.8 Points to Remember

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