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4.2 Importance of the Reformation

One can hardly over-estimate the importance of the Reformation as a movement in the history of Europe. The religious revolt was responsible for changing the course of history, since the influence of the Church extended to all fields of human activity. During the Middle Ages, the powerful authority of the Church led to the regimentation of thought. The Church influenced or controlled political institutions. It hampered economic activities and stunted literary and artistic developments. However the Church expected unquestioned loyalty and absolute faith in its teachings, which had to be accepted as gospel truth.

The Reformation helped to put an end to this age of blind faith and dogmas and ushered in the modern times. For this reason, the Reformation occupies an important place in the study of the forming of the modern world.

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4.0 Introduction
4.1 Meaning
4.2 Importance of the Reformation
4.3 Causes of the Reformation
4.4 Spread of Protestantism
4.5 The Counter Reformation
4.6 Consequences of the Reformation
4.7 Dates & Events
4.8 Points to Remember

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