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5.0 Introduction

In the 17th and 18th centuries, numerous thinkers and writers i.e. the intellectuals developed and expressed new ideas, which had a significant effect upon the modern world. These changes in thought laid the foundation for the overthrow of the political and social institutions of feudalism. The intellectuals were supported by the members of the privileged classes, the nobility, the higher clergy, the wealthy and cultured bourgeoisie. The change of outlook brought about was so great that it could be regarded as an Intellectual Revolution. This revolution also flourished owing to the encouragement given by the enlightened monarchs who ruled Europe during the 18th Century.


5.0 - Introduction
5.1 Growth and Features of the Revolution
5.2 The Rationalist Spirit and the Contribution of Voltaire
5.3 Application of the Critical Spirit
5.4 Age of Enlightened Despots
5.5 Dates & Events
5.6 Points to Remember

Chapter 6


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