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6.4 Reasons for American Success

America’s chances for success were enhanced by England’s handicaps. England had not only to send soldiers and ships to America, but also to defend her south shores against France and Spain. Since England had to send fleets to fight the French and the Dutch in the North Sea, in the Caribbean Sea and in the distant Bay of Bengal, it was fighting on three continents.

Another reason for America’s success was the aid given by France in terms of money, men and ships.

The bravery and endurance of the American patriots, men and women was an essential factor that contributed to America’s success.

Finally, the greatest factor in American success was the character and service of Washington, as has rightly been pointed out by the English historian W.E.H. Lecky.

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6.0 Introduction
6.1 Causes of the American Revolution
6.2 Immediate Cause
6.3 Course of the American Revolution
6.4 Reasons for American Success
6.5 Consequences of the American Revolution
6.6 Significance of the American Revolution
6.7 Dates & Events
6.8 Points to Remember

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