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6.8 Points To Remember

Causes of the American Revolution

  • The Colonies enjoyed some form of political control which gave them the experience and the urge to fight for self-rule.

  • England did not bother to maintain good relationships with her colonies.

  • Further, the economic exploitation and various unjust laws (Sugar Act Stamp Act, Writs of Assistance) aggravated the revolt. "No Taxation without Representation" was an important slogan.

  • The enterprising and independent population did not feel the need to depend on a mother country.

Immediate Cause

  • The Boston Tea Party incident demonstrated the intense hatred of the colonists.

Course of the American Revolution

  • King George underestimated the strength of the colonists under the leadership of George Washington so that England faced defeat 1777.

  • Trade rivals of England, Spain and France helped the colonists in the conquests.

  • A peace treaty was finally signed in 1783; England acknowledged the independence of the colonies.

Reasons for American Success

  • An important factor was the weakness of England; she had to many territories to defend at one time.

  • American patriots did a good job.

  • George Washington was an important force in steering victory towards the colonists.

Consequences of the American Revolution

  • It announced the birth of a new nation - the United States of America (USA), the world’s first democratic federal republic.

  • Britain lost an important territory. Even France faced a great deal of loss.

  • A constitutional convention of state representatives was created to enable the new "United States of America" to define a guideline for the laws that would govern the new sovereign country..

  • A relatively new system of government with three branches dividing the power, instead of the conventional one was established from the future outcome of the constitutional conventions..

Significance of the American Revolution

  • It gave emphasis to the idea of the ‘right to revolution’ and self-govern. Subsequent revolutions like that of France were inspired by this one.

  • Poor classes were encouraged to fight against autocratic rulers. Even rulers were shied into becoming less despotic.

  • It started a whole new system of government and introduced a written constitution which became the framework and basis for the entire structure of the evolution of the country's government.


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6.0 Introduction
6.1 Causes of the American Revolution
6.2 Immediate Cause
6.3 Course of the American Revolution
6.4 Reasons for American Success
6.5 Consequences of the American Revolution
6.6 Significance of the American Revolution
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6.8 Points to Remember

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