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6.7 Dates & Events

1764 - The Sugar Act was passed.

1765 - The Stamp Act was passed.

1776 - The Stamp Act was repealed.

1767 - The Townshend Acts were passed.

1769 - The government had to withdraw all duties except the one on tea.

1773 - The Boston Tea Party.

1774 - The parliament brings the colony of Massachusetts under the direct control of England.

1777 - The British armies surrendered to the Americans at Saratoga.

France promises aid to the American armies.

1778 - France makes an alliance with the US.

1779 - Spain united with France to help America.

1781 - British commander in chief surrendered to George Washington in Yorktown.

1783 - Under the Treaty of Paris, Britain recognized American Independence.

1787 - The Constitutional Convention replaces the old Federal Constitution.

1789 - The Congress, The Legislative body and The Executive branch came into effect.

George Washington becomes the first President of the United States.

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6.0 Introduction
6.1 Causes of the American Revolution
6.2 Immediate Cause
6.3 Course of the American Revolution
6.4 Reasons for American Success
6.5 Consequences of the American Revolution
6.6 Significance of the American Revolution
6.7 Dates & Events
6.8 Points to Remember

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