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9.8 Representation of the People Act, 1884

There were several causes that led to the Act of 1884. Since household suffrage was granted in the boroughs, it would have to be also given to the counties. Thus the way was paved for the equal representation of equal numbers. Among the main provisions of the Representation of the People Act, 1884 was the extension of the household franchise and ledger franchise to the counties. In this way, the whole body of agricultural laborers in England and Scotland, and of small farmers in Ireland, secured the franchise.



9.0 - Introduction
9.1 Origin of Democracy in England
9.2 Magna Carta-The Great Charter (1215)
9.3 Establishment and Development of Parliament
9.4 The Glorious Revolution of 1688
9.5 Rise of a Responsible Council Of Ministers
9.6 Reform Act Of 1832
9.7 Representation of the People Act, 1867
9.8 Representation of the People Act, 1884
9.9 Parliamentary Act, 1911
9.10 Representation of the People Acts 1918 & 1928
9.11 Dates & Events
9.12 Points to Remember

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