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Chapter 10: Imperialism

10.0 Introduction

The term ’empire’ refers to a group of nations or states brought under a single sovereign authority. For an earlier period it also stood for a state that was characterized by the dominion of a conquering nation over the conquered people. Thus were founded the empires of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asyria and Persia. The activity of empire building was also carried out by the Mongols, Muhammedans, Turks and Tartars in medieval Europe. The term "imperial" means ’of’ or ’belonging to’ an empire or emperor. It could also mean ’of’ or ’belonging or pertaining to’ a state that is supreme over colonies, dependencies or protectorates.


10.0 - Introduction
10.1 Meaning
10.2 Causes
10.3 Forms and Techniques of Imperialism
10.4 Imperialism in Africa
10.5 Imperialism in Asia
10.6 Significance and Consequences of Imperialism
10.7 Points to Remember

Chapter 11


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