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3.9 Points to Remember

The American War of Independence brought about a unity of the English colonies in America and helped to create a sense of shared nationality.

13 separate entities in 1775, these colonies learnt much about unity and joint action between the year 1763 to 1783.

Educated people in America during the war, looked into history for examples of Republican virtues: like honesty, simplicity and patriotism seen in the ancient city republics of Rome. Thus most Americans then naturally believed that such values would have a rebirth in the young nation where people free and hard working. The ideas of simplicity of the ancient republics influenced great leader like Jefferson in the early year of the U.S.

It was only later, that Americans focused attention towards building a modern industrial nation.


Table of Contents

3.0 - Chronology of Major Events in this Period
3.1 - Causes
3.2 - The Events Leading tothe war of Independence
3.3 - The First Continental Congress
3.4 - The declaration of Independence
3.5 - The Course of the War
3.6 - War and Peace
3.7 - Articles ofConfederation
3.8 - The Formation and Ratification of the Constitution
3.9 - Points to Remember

Chapter 4


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