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4.8 Points to Remember

America got a new constitution. The historic Bill of Rights guaranteeing individual rights for the first time in the history of liberty was added to the new constitution. Though the U.S. has a written constitution, it has, over the years, through custom and usage evolved an unwritten constitution.

Alexander Hamilton presented his famous federalist papers, where he advocated his views on the economy and the vision to build America’s industries. These papers cause a lot of debate in the Congress over the need for a bank and the issue of tariffs to protect industries in the country. This period also saw the rise of political parties with distinct views on the polity and economy of the country.



Table of Contents

4.0 - Chronology of Major Events in this Period
4.1 - The Hamilton Reports
4.2 - About the Constitution
4.3 - Emergence of Political Parties
4.4 - Foreign Affairs
4.5 - The XYZ Affair
4.6 - The Louisiana Purchase
4.7 - The War of1812
4.8 - Points to Remeber

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