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6. 2 The Presidentís Impeachment

This program proposed by the Congress is known as the Radical Reconstruction. President Johnson tried to sabotage this program. He attempted to dismiss the secretary of war, Stanton, to prevent the implementation of the program. The Congress checked him. Claiming that President Johnson had violated the Tenure of Office Act (1867), the Congress tried to impeach him. Johnson missed impeachment by a narrow vote in the Senate.

Meanwhile, all Confederate states except Mississippi, Virginia and Texas agreed to the terms of the Radical Reconstruction.

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Table of Contents

6.0 - Chronology of Major Events in this Period
6.1 - 14th Amendment to the Constitution
6.2 - The President's Impeachment
6.3 - The 15th Amendment
6.4 - Radical Reconstruction in the South
6.5 - The KU Klux Klan
6.6 - The Civil Rights Act
6.7 - The Compromise of 1877
6.8 - The Impact of Reconstruction
6.9 - Points to Remember

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