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6. 6 The Civil Rights Act

In 1872, though Grant was re-elected, his administration suffered a series of scandals due to widespread corruption. Moreover the Reconstruction governments in the south were facing attacks from citizens who wanted whites to be in the helm of southern society. White Democrats formed terrorist organizations to disrupt Republican meetings and threatened the black population. In 1875, the Congress passed the Civil Rights Act. This act gave equality to blacks in public places and prohibited the exclusion of blacks from the jury.

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Table of Contents

6.0 - Chronology of Major Events in this Period
6.1 - 14th Amendment to the Constitution
6.2 - The President's Impeachment
6.3 - The 15th Amendment
6.4 - Radical Reconstruction in the South
6.5 - The KU Klux Klan
6.6 - The Civil Rights Act
6.7 - The Compromise of 1877
6.8 - The Impact of Reconstruction
6.9 - Points to Remember

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