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9. 1 Republican Ascendancy and World Polities

Two terms of Democratic rule were followed by a long period of Republican dominance. During this period of 12 years, 3 Presidents were elected: Warren G. Hardinge, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover. The Republicans until 1931 controlled both houses of Congress. Consequently, a policy of isolationism and laissez faire dominated the political arena during this period. The election of 1920 brought the Republican candidate Warren Hardinge to the Presidential post. The Republicans also gained a majority in the house of the Congress. With the War over the Americans wanted to go back to their normal lives.

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Table of Contents

9.0 - Chronology of Major Events
9.1 - Republican Ascendancy And World Polities
9.2 - The Washington Conference
9.3 - Republicanism At Home
9.4 - Panic Of 1929
9.5 - Causes
9.6 - The Effects Of The New Deal
9.7 - Impart Of The Great Depression
9.8 - Points To Remember

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