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9.8 Points to Remember

The Great Depression was caused not due to a shortage of essential goods, but because of a boom in production. With increase in production, the manufactures could not sell the goods at profitable rate because of the low purchasing power of the people. Factories had to be shut and the workers were laid off. The Depression in America set in due to the crash in the stock market and the fall in firm prices. The Depression created a deep impact on the American psyche. Apart from the agony and trauma it caused to the public, it also changed the attitude of the Americans towards money. They began to value emotional security more than material, as one could not predict when all the material prosperity could come to an end.



Table of Contents

9.0 - Chronology of Major Events
9.1 - Republican Ascendancy And World Polities
9.2 - The Washington Conference
9.3 - Republicanism At Home
9.4 - Panic Of 1929
9.5 - Causes
9.6 - The Effects Of The New Deal
9.7 - Impart Of The Great Depression
9.8 - Points To Remember

Chapter 10


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