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9. 7 Impact of the Great Depression

The Great Crash of 1929 was a watershed in American history. The old philosophy of a self-regulating economy based on natural economic laws, with a limited role of the government no longer had any defenders. Depression dealt a fatal blow to the ideals of liberalism, democracy and capitalism. Disillusioned, many turned to communism. Many were attracted to fascist organizations especially in Germany and Italy.

In America, Depression had a profound impact on the values of average Americans. Blind faith in business and profits was replaced by greater concern for human values and emotional security.

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Table of Contents

9.0 - Chronology of Major Events
9.1 - Republican Ascendancy And World Polities
9.2 - The Washington Conference
9.3 - Republicanism At Home
9.4 - Panic Of 1929
9.5 - Causes
9.6 - The Effects Of The New Deal
9.7 - Impart Of The Great Depression
9.8 - Points To Remember

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