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b) To find out the relationship between the molecular weight
of a gaseous substance and its vapor density:

According to Avogadro’s Law the above equation
can be written as

or Molecular weight = 2 ´ vapor density

c) Gram-molecular volume of a gas:

Vapor density (D) of a gas is expressed as

\ For 1 dm3 volume at N.T.P. condition

\ The molecular weight in grams of any gas occupies 22.4 dm3 at N.T.P.

This is called Gram-Molecular volume.


6.1 The Gaseous States Properties
6.2 Boyle's Law
6.3 Charle's Law
6.4 Pressure - Temperature Law
6.5 Gay Lussac's Law
6.6 Avogadro's Law
6.7 Graham's Law of Diffusion
6.8 General Gas Equation

Chapter 7

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