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3.2 Terminology

Vertices : The corners of the polygons are called vertices.

Consecutive sides : Consecutive sides are those which have a vertex in common.

Diagonals : Diagonals are segments joining non-consecutive vertices.

Figure 3.2

In figure 3.2 A, B, C, D, E & F are vertices. AB has two consecutive sides BC and AF. Similarly two consecutive sides exist for the rest of the sides.

Segments joining A to all vertices except B & F are diagonals. Similarly, diagonals can be drawn from all the other vertices.


3. 1 Definition
3. 2 Terminology
3. 3 Sum Of Interior Angles Of A Polygon
3. 4 Sum Of Exterior Angles Of A Polygon
3. 5 Trapezoids
3. 6 Parallelogram
3. 7 Square, Rectangle And Rhombus

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