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Consider a trapezoid figure 3.8 where the legs are equal in length. This is called as an isosceles trapezoid.

Figure 3.8

In figure 3.8 seg.LO = seg.MN. Therefore, LMNO is an isosceles trapezoid. In such a trapezoid the base angles are equal. This can be proven by drawing two altitudes from L & M on the seg.ON.

Figure 3.9

Figure 3.9 shows LP & MQ as two altitudes of Ð MNO.

Consider D LOP & D MNQ. Both are right triangles such that their hypotenuse has the same length ( LMNO is an isosceles trapezoid ).

Also seg. LP = seg MQ as the perpendicular distance between two paralles lines is always the same.

\ By HS postulate D LOP @ D MNQ.


3. 1 Definition
3. 2 Terminology
3. 3 Sum Of Interior Angles Of A Polygon
3. 4 Sum Of Exterior Angles Of A Polygon
3. 5 Trapezoids
3. 6 Parallelogram
3. 7 Square, Rectangle And Rhombus

Chapter 4

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