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9.3 Quadrants

The x-axis and the y-axis divide the co-ordinate plane into four regions. These regions are called as Quadrants. They are shown in the following figure.

i) The upper right quadrant is the 1st quadrant. The values of x
    co-ordinate and y co-ordinate of any point in this quadrant is
    always positive. Its ordered pair is expressed as ( +, + ).

ii) The upper left quadrant is the 2nd quadrant. Here the
     value of the x co-ordinate is negative (measured left from
    the origin) but the value of the y-co-ordinate is
    always positive. The ordered pair is expressed as ( -, + ).

iii) The lower left quadrant is the 3rd quadrant. The values
    of the x-co-ordinate and the y-co-ordinate are both nega-
    tive here. The ordered pair is expressed as (-, -).

iv) The lower right quadrant is the 4th quadrant. In
    this quadrant the x-co-ordinate has a positive value and the
    y-co-ordinate has a negative value. The ordered pair
     is expressed as ( +, - ).

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