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12.2 Liquids

Liquids have only definite volume but no definite shape, hence only volume change occurs with change in temperature. Therefore, only coefficient of cubical expansion can be defined for liquids.

It is defined as change in volume per unit original volume per 10 C change in temperature.

However, liquids have to be taken in containers. Their observed expansion is lesser than their real expansion, that would have occurred, if the containers were not to expand; therefore g r: Real coefficient & ga : Apparent coefficients have to be distinguished and their co-relation is given by

gr @ ga + gc

where gc : Coefficient of cubical expansion of container.


12.1 Solids
12.2 Liquids
12.3 Gases
12.4 Gas Laws
12.5 Equation of State :Ideal Gas Equation
12.6 Kinetic Theory of Ideal Gases

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