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  1. It is simple to calculate.

  2. In individual or discrete distribution it can be located by mere inspection.

  3. It is easy to understand. Everyone is used to the idea of average size of a garment, an average American etc.

  4. It is not isolated like the median as it is the most common item.

  5. Like the Average mean, it is not a value which cannot be found in the series.

  6. It is not necessary to know all the items. What we need the point of maximum density frequency.

  7. It is not affected by sampling fluctuations.


  1. It is ill defined.

  2. It is not based on all observations.

  3. It is not capable of further algebraic treatment.

  4. It is not a good representative of the data.

  5. Sometimes there are more than one values of mode.



4.1 Introduction
4.2 Arithmetic Mean
4.3 Properties of Arithmetic Mean
4.4 Median
4.5 Mode
4.6 Empirical relation between mean, median & mode

Chapter 5

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