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Since there are 10 balls in the first bag out of which 6 are red and 4 are blue.

Suppose that A has occurred. Then a red ball is transferred into second bag. The probability of getting a red ball from the second bag when a red ball is got from the first is P (C/A) = 5/11

The probability of getting a red ball from the first bag and a red ball from the second is

Now, suppose the event B has occurred then a blue ball is transferred into the second bag. There are now 11 balls in the second bag out of which 4 are red.

Since A Ç C and BÇ C are mutually exclusive events

Example In a certain school, 25% of the boys and 10% of the girls are studying French. The girls constitute 60% of the students boy. If a student is selected at random and is studying French, determine the probability that the student is a girl.

Solution : Let there be 100 students. 60% of which are girls.

i.e. number of girls is 60 and number of boys is 40.

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7. 1 Introduction
7.2 Trial
7.3 Sample Space
7. 4 Definition of Probability
7. 5 The Laws of Probability
7. 6 Conditional Probability
7. 7 Theoretical Distribution
7. 8 Binomial Distribution
7. 9 Normal Distribution
Chapter 8

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