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11.1 Novel Features of World War I

World War I, which started in the year 1914, possessed novel features in several respects. It was one of its kind in the history of mankind.

World War I occurred on a worldwide scale. Many wars had taken place before 1914. However they did not affect people all over the world collectively. World War I was the first war to be fought on a worldly scale. It had repercussions on almost every country in the world.

It was also the first international war to make use of modern technology for the purpose of destruction and defense. This war saw the use of a large variety of guns, cannons, tanks, bombs, aeroplanes, warships and submarines, causing great destruction to life and property throughout the world.

The First World War could also be called a total war, since it was the first international war to be fought on the land and above the land, on the sea and under the sea, with the use of tanks, aeroplanes and submarines.

Dr. David Thompson points out that one of World War Iís greatest novelty was "a remarkable disparity between the end sought, the price paid, and the results obtained."

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11.1 Novel Features of World War I
11.2 Causes of World War I
11.3 The Course of World War I
11.4 Consequences of World War I
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