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11.6 Points To Remember

Novel Features of World War I

  • It was fought on a worldwide scale.

  • Modern technology in weapons was introduced here.

  • It was the first war to be fought on land, on sea as well as under the sea.

Causes of World War I

  • Increase in Militarism, in the form of a race for armaments by European countries, powerful military officers and a tendency of preventive war, was the foremost cause.

  • Aggressive Nationalism demanded intense hatred for the other country and a favorable atmosphere for war.

  • National rivalries were prevalent all over, hence the Balkan crisis sparked of tension between the warring countries.

  • Colonial imperialism led to increased and bitter colonial conflicts.

  • The Press of various countries deliberately glorified their own country and misrepresented others, leading to a warped public opinion.

  • Secret alliances such as the triple alliance and the triple Entente increased suspicion and hatred between the countries.

  • International anarchy reigned in the absence of an international regulatory body that could check the rise of conflicts between the nations.

  • The immediate cause of the war was the murder of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria and his wife by a Serbian student in Bosnia.

The Course of World War I

  • Austria issued an ultimatum on Serbia which declined to give in.

  • Austria declared war with Serbia and Germany declared war against France. When Germany attacked Belgium, England declared war against Germany.

  • Initially the allies tasted victory.

  • After the collapse of Russia, Germany’s position was strengthened.

  • When the German warships targeted American merchant ships, the U.S.A. finally entered the war and won the war for the Allies. An armistice was signed in 1918 on the basis of fourteen points announced by President Woodrow Wilson.

  • The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 consisted of the "Big Four": Clemenceau Prime Minister of France, Lloyd George Prime Minister of England, Woodrow Wilson President of the U.S.A. and Orlando the premier of Italy.

  • Five Treaties were drawn up out of which the Treaty of Versailles and the St. Germain Treaty were the most important. These were enforced on the losing countries.

Consequences of World War I

  • It brought about unprecedented destruction of life and property.

  • The map of Europe was restructured.

  • New nations were established on the ruins of old ones.
  • The treaties left the losing countries weak in every way.

  • The victor countries emerged as strong powers.

  • Germany emerged to be highly resentful, which eventually brought about the dictatorial reign of Hitler an important cause of he Second World War.

  • The League of Nations the first international agency to check armament was established.



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