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14. 7 The Effects of the New Deal

The program proved to have a positive effect on the economy of the country. The reforms gave hope and relief to millions who had been traumatized by Depression. The Relief Program came just in time, when voluntary agencies were running out of resources. The unemployed were facing malnutrition and other hardships in a country, where food and other essentials remained unsold. This was because, the people had lost their purchasing power and production had stopped. The New Deal also helped to revive U.S. Industries.



14.0 - Introduction
14.1 Republican Ascendancy and World Politics
14.2 The Washington Conference
14.3 Republicanism at Home
14.4 Panic of 1929
14.5 Causes
14.6 Methods to alleviate the effects of Depression
14.7 The Effects of the New Deal
14.8 Impact of Great Depression
14.9 Dates & Events
14.10 Points to Remember

Chapter 15


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