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14.10 Points To Remember

Republican Ascendancy and World Politics

  • During the twelve years of Republican dominance, three presidents were elected, Warren G. Hardinge, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover.

  • The war was over and the Americans wanted to go back to leading a normal life.

The Washington Conference

  • Washington conference was held under the Chairmanship of Hughes who was the secretary of the state. The major issue discussed here was Disarmament.

  • The Four-Power Treaty was signed by the four powers-US, Great Britain, France and Japan. By signing this treaty, they agreed to respect each others insular possessions in the Pacific. The treaty also puts an end to the Anglo-Japanese alliance.

Republicans at home

  • A number of Tariff Acts were passed which include, The Emergency Tariff Act, The Fordney-Mc Cumber Act, Smooth- Hawley Tariff Act. The third act raised the tariff to the highest level in the economic history of America.

  • The Congress introduced the Quota System in the form of the Emergency Quota in order to keep a check on the number of immigrants coming into the country.

  • 1920's was a period when business boomed in the US. This period was therefore called the Golden Twenties.

Panic of 1929

  • The year 1929 saw a large number of Americans entering the stock market in order to make quick money. However, soon the stock market crashed.

  • Soon there was a business crisis, as businessmen did not want to invest in business because of the lack of profit. The consumers also began to buy fewer goods.


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14.1 Republican Ascendancy and World Politics
14.2 The Washington Conference
14.3 Republicanism at Home
14.4 Panic of 1929
14.5 Causes
14.6 Methods to alleviate the effects of Depression
14.7 The Effects of the New Deal
14.8 Impact of Great Depression
14.9 Dates & Events
14.10 Points to Remember

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