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14. 8 Impact of the Great Depression

The Great Crash of 1929 was a watershed in American history. The old philosophy of a self-regulating economy based on natural economic laws, with a limited role of the government no longer had any defenders. Depression dealt a fatal blow to the ideals of liberalism, democracy and capitalism. Disillusioned, many turned to communism. Many were attracted to fascist organizations especially in Germany and Italy.

In America, Depression had a profound impact on the values of average Americans. Blind faith in business and profits was replaced by greater concern for human values and emotional security.


14.0 - Introduction
14.1 Republican Ascendancy and World Politics
14.2 The Washington Conference
14.3 Republicanism at Home
14.4 Panic of 1929
14.5 Causes
14.6 Methods to alleviate the effects of Depression
14.7 The Effects of the New Deal
14.8 Impact of Great Depression
14.9 Dates & Events
14.10 Points to Remember

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