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16.10 Dates & Events

1819 - Simon Bolivar becomes the President of New Granada and Venezuela.

1885 - The Indian National Congress was established.

1894 - Dr. Sun Yat Sen founded the Chinese Revival society.

1900 - The Boxer Rebellion in China.

1901 - The Treaty of Peking.

1909 - The Morley-Minto reforms in India.

1911 - The Manchu dynasty is overthrown in a revolution.

1919 - The Montagu-Chelmsford reforms introduced in India.

1921 - Dr. Sun is elected as the president of the Chinese Republic.

1923 - The Pan American Conference.

1931 - Japan captured Manchuria and withdrew from the League of Nations.

1932 - Abdul Aziz renames the Arabian Peninsula under him as Saudi Arabia.

1935 - The Government of India Act was passed. It was put into effect in 1937

1941 - Japan attacked the American Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

Syria and Lebanon gain independence.

1942 - The Congress Working Committee adopts the "Quit India" resolution.

1943 - SubhashChandra Bose organized the Azad Hind Fauz which was also known as the Indian National Army.

1945 - SubhashChandra Bose was killed in a plane crash.

Nationalists establish the Republic of Indonesia.

Dr. Ho Chi Minh is chosen as the President of the Independent Republic of Vietnam.

1946 - The US liberated the Philippines.

Mar 1947 - Lord Mountbatten comes to India as the Viceroy.

Aug 1947 - India and Pakistan become independent (August) from the British rule.

1948 - Burma becomes independent

Ceylon becomes independent

14th 1948 - Israel was set up by Ben-Gurion. This was immediately followed by an attack by the Arab League. Israel was victorious.

1949 - Indonesia becomes independent from Dutch rule.

Republic of China (Formosa-now Taiwan).

Mainland China declares itself as the Peoples Republic of China (communist) on 1st October under the leadership of Mao Zedong.

The French formally recognize Bao Dai as the Head of the independent state of Vietnam.

A Democratic Constitution is adopted by Israel and it also becomes a member of the UN.

Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh introduces Parliament Democracy in Iran.

1950 - The Korean War.

1952 - Puerto Rico becomes a self-governing democratic commonwealth.

1953 - The Republic of Egypt is formed.

1955 - Cambodia and Laos are recognized as independent states.

1957 - Ghana becomes independent

The British recognize Malaya as an independent dominion.

1960 - Nigeria and Zaire become independent

1961 - Tanzania becomes independent.

1962 - Algeria and Uganda become independent.

1963 - Kenya becomes independent.

1964 - Zambia and Malwai establish their independence.

1965 - Rhodesia becomes independent from Britain

1971 - Bangladesh becomes independent from Pakistan

1973 - The US presidents were forced to sign the peace treaty with the Hanoi government.

1974 - Emperor Haile Selasse of Ethiopia is overthrown.

1975 - Angola and Mozambique become independent Papua New Guinea becomes independent

The Saigon government falls into the hands of the Communist Forces (North Vietnamese)

1977 - The American President Jimmy Carter signed the Panama Canal Treaty.

1980 - Black majority, rule achieved in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia)

1990 - Nelson Mandela is freed in South Africa. He goes on to become South Africa’s first black President.



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16.0 Introduction
16.1 - The Causes Of The Rise Of Nationalism In Asia
16.2 - Emergence Of India As A Nation
16.3 - Rise Of Modern China
16.4 - Rise Of Modern Japan
16.5 - National Awakening In South East Asia
16.6 - National Awakening In Arab Lands
16.7 - Israel
16.8 - African Nationalism
16.9 - Nationalism In Latin America
16.10 - Dates & Events

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