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17.11 The Hazards of Nuclear War

Mass Destruction: The use of nuclear weapons in war causes gruesome after effects. Humankind and nature are equally affected. Those who do not perish immediately suffer untold miseries: physical and mental trauma.

Ecological Adversity: Unfathomable destruction will be caused to the natural resources. Apart from contaminating the air and water, several plant and animal species will be endangered. Large expanses of land will become uninhabitable. Humanity will also perish as a result of these effects. Genetic disorders and abnormalities will be one of the devastating effects of nuclear warfare.

Colossal Expenditure: The cost involved in the production of nuclear weapons is immense and even developing nations set aside a huge chunk of their budget for defense purposes. However, the present expenditure on nuclear weapons incurred by the world’s nuclear powers is several times the development aid that is given to developing countries.

Nuclear Waste: The disposal of nuclear waste will be a problem as long as nuclear production persists. Radioactive effluence if dumped into the sea harm marine life. However, this material cannot be buried either as it will pollute underground sources of water. Also nuclear waste remains radioactive for several centuries altogether.

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17.0 - Introduction
17.1 - The Development of the Cold War
17.2 - The Cold War between 1945 and 1947
17.3 - The Cold War between 1947 and 1953
17.4 - The Cold War between 1953 and 1963
17.5 - The Cold War between 1963 and 1970
17.6 - The period of Detente(1970 - 1980)
17.7 - The Cold War after 1980
17.8 - The meaning of Disarmament
17.9 - Reduction of weapons Nuclear and Conventional
17.10 - Disarmament and the UN
17.11 - The Hazards of Nuclear War
17.12 - The Non-Military Dimension of Nuclear Energy
17.13 - Dates & Events

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