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The study of history is essential to understand the present with an eye to the future. From a few scattered settlements in the New World, the U.S. has become a world power today. What were the forces and events responsible for this transformation? Who were the people involved in shaping the destiny of our great country? How many of us are aware that the U.S.A. has given the world one of its first modern Democratic institutions?

In this study, which stretches from the Discovery of America to the 20th century, the attempt has been to make the students understand their past. The major landmarks in American history, namely, the War of Independence, the Civil War, the Reconstruction period, the Depression, the 2 World Wars have been dealt with in detail. The major events are illustrated with relevant maps and visuals.

We are aware that no single book or text can do justice to a history as vast and dynamic as that of the United States. In the present work, we have tried to generate the student’s interest in their country’s glorious past. Moreover, this study, will help scholars and lay persons alike in learning about and preparing papers on the chief events that shaped and changed the history of this nation, a nation which has surpassed the world in every sphere, be it in science and technology or the arts. Her Universities still attract hundreds of thousands of students from all over the world. And still many come to her in search of the ’American way of life.’




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