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11.2 Equilibrium Law Expression

Let us consider a reversible homogenous reaction.

According to the law of mass action, the rate of forward reaction ( rf) is

rf = Kf [ A ] [ B ]

and that of the backward reaction is

rb = Kb [ C ] [ D ]

Kb and Kf are the rate constants.

The rate of the net reaction is :

rn = rf - rb

At equilibrium, there is no net reaction i.e.

rf - rb = 0 \ rf = rb

\ Kf [ A ] [ B ] = Kb [ C ] [ D ]

The equilibrium constant expressed in terms of partial pressures (Kp).

Equilibrium constants for gaseous reaction can be based on the partial pressure of a gas as the partial pressure of a gas is directly proportional to its molar concentration for a given temperature.


11.1 Types of Reactions
11.2 Equilibrium Law Expression
11.3 Factors Affecting Chemical Equilibrium
11.4 Le-Chatelier's Principle

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