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Axiom : If a line does not lie in a plane but intersects it, their intersection is a point (figure 1.7 ).

Figure 1.6

Point A is the intersection point of line l and plane P.

Example 1

Take any three non-collinear points A,B and C on a paper. How many different lines can be drawn through different pairs of points ? Name the lines.

Solution :

Three lines can drawn namely AB, BC & AC.

Example 2

Figure 1.7

From figure 1.7 answer the following :

  1. Name lines parallel to line AB

  2. Are line AO and point R coplanar ? Why ?

  3. Are points A, S, B and R coplanar ? Why ?

  4. Name three planes passing through at A.

Solution :

  1. Line CD, line SR and line PQ.

  2. Yes. Any line and a point outside it are coplanar.

  3. Yes. Two parallel line are always coplanar.

  4. ABCD , ADSP and ADCB.




1.1 Points, Lines and Planes
1.2 Line Segment
1.3 Rays and Angles
1.4 Some Special Angles
1.5 Angles made by a Transversal
1.6 Transversal Across Two Parallel Lines
1.7 Conditions for Parallelism

Chapter 2

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