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1.2 Line Segment

A line segment is a part of a line. It has a fixed length and consequently two end points. They are used to name the line segment (figure 1.8).

Figure 1.8

Seg. PQ is a segment of line AB. A line contains infinite segments and if two segments on a line have a common end point, they can be added ( figure 1.9).

Figure 1.9

Seg. PQ and Seg.QR are two segments on line l and they have a common end point Q. Therefore Seg.PQ + Seg.QR = Seg.PR.

On segment Seg.PR there exists a point M. Therefore seg. PM + seg.MR = seg.PR or seg. PM = seg. MR , it implies that seg.PR = 2 seg. PM = 2 seg. MR. In other words it means that M is equidistant from P & R. Therefore, M is the midpoint of seg.PR. Every segment has one and only one midpoint.




1.1 Points, Lines and Planes
1.2 Line Segment
1.3 Rays and Angles
1.4 Some Special Angles
1.5 Angles made by a Transversal
1.6 Transversal Across Two Parallel Lines
1.7 Conditions for Parallelism

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