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Ideal gas equation from Kinetic Theory

The assumption implies the interpretation of heat energy as mechanical energy of the molecules, albeit as statistical concept only; that is, temperature is the manifestation of the average motion of a large number of molecules; it is absurd to say that for any i.

Solved Problems

  1. A hollow metal sphere is floating on water at 00C. If the temperature of water rises to q0C, the sphere just submerges in water. Neglect the expansion of sphere. Find expression for determining coefficient of cubical expansion of water.

  2. Solution

    Given d : density of sphere, r : density of water, g : Coefficient of cubical expansion of liquid.

  3. Estimate the temperature at which oxygen molecules can escape from Earth. (g = 10 m/s, Re = 6.4 ´ 106 m, R = 8.3 Joule/mole ´ 0K, Molecular wt. of O2 = 32)

    Solution :

    Given : C = R.M.S. velocity , Ve = escape velocity from Earth then the molecules can escape.

    If C = Ve then the molecules can escape.



12.1 Solids
12.2 Liquids
12.3 Gases
12.4 Gas Laws
12.5 Equation of State :Ideal Gas Equation
12.6 Kinetic Theory of Ideal Gases

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