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Example The mean weight of 98 students is found to be 50 lbs. It is later discovered that the frequency of the class interval (30- 40) was wrongly taken as 8 instead of 10. Calculate the correct mean.


Incorrect mean

\ Incorrect   

50 =

Therefore, Incorrect

Now correct

Note that the class-mark of class interval (30 - 40) is 35 and for the calculation of the mean we consider class marks.

\The correct

Also the correct

Therefore, the correct mean

Example The sum of the deviations of 'n' observation values of a variate from a

constant 'a', is S. Show that the arithmetic mean is .


Dividing by n to get the mean


4.1 Introduction
4.2 Arithmetic Mean
4.3 Properties of Arithmetic Mean
4.4 Median
4.5 Mode
4.6 Empirical relation between mean, median & mode

Chapter 5

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