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To compute the probability of two or even more independent event all occurring (joint occurrence) extent the above law to required number.

For example, first flip a penny, then the nickle and finally flip the dime.

On landing, probability of heads is for a penny
probability of heads is for a nickle
probability of heads is for a dime
Thus the probability of landing three heads will be or 0.125. (Note that all three events are independent)

Example Three machines I, II and III manufacture respectively 0.4, 0.5 and 0.1 of the total production. The percentage of defective items produced by I, II and III is 2, 4 and 1 percent respectively for an item randomly chosen, what is the probability it is defective ?

Solution :

Example In shuffling a pack of cards, 4 are accidentally dropped one after another. Find the chance that the missing cards should be one from each suit.

Solution : Probability of 4 missing cards from different suits are as follows :

Let H, D, C and S denote heart, diamond, club and spade cards respectively

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7. 1 Introduction
7.2 Trial
7.3 Sample Space
7. 4 Definition of Probability
7. 5 The Laws of Probability
7. 6 Conditional Probability
7. 7 Theoretical Distribution
7. 8 Binomial Distribution
7. 9 Normal Distribution
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