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3. The distance of point C from two points A and B which can not be measured directly, are required the line segment CA continued through A for a distance 275 m. to D, the segment CB is continued through B for 225m to E and AB = 300m. DB = 326 m. Find AC and BC.


To solve triangle ABC, Ð BAC and Ð ABC is to be found out.

Ð BAC is suppliment to Ð BAD

and Ð ABC is suppliment to ( Ð ABD + Ð DBE)

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3. 1 Solving Right Triangles
3. 2 Law of Cosines
3. 3 Law of Sines
3. 4 The Ambiguous Case of Law of Sines
3. 5 Areas of Triangles
Supplementary Problems

Chapter 4

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