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19.3 Achievements in Biology

Julius Von Sacks a German botanist, is well-known for his discovery of photosynthesis. Jean Baptiste Lamarck is considered to be the real father of evolutionary biology. One of the most radical figures in modern biology was the English naturalist Charles Darwin who presented his masterpiece the Origin of Species in 1859.

Albe Gregor Mendel, an Austrian, is regarded as the father of the science of genetics.

Louis Pasteur, the world-renowned French chemist and microbiologist, developed the process of "Pasteurization" by which micro-organisms (bacteria) present in foodstuff like milk, fruit juice etc are killed, so that they do not get spoiled so easily. Pasteur’s greatest contribution was the immunization procedure which enabled the cure of hydrophobia.

Thomas Hunt Morgan developed the "gene theory."

By 1906, Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins demonstrated that good health also requires ’accessory food factors’ which came to be known as ’Vitamins.’

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19.3 - Achievements In Biology
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