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19.5 Innovations in Transport and Communication

In 1875, Gustavus Swift invented refrigerator cars which would keep vegetables and meat products fresh. Pullman built the ’High Speed Train’ which is propelled by gas turbine engines.

Exhibit 19.2
A Modern Train

In 1880, Daimler and Benz made Gasoline engines. The invention of the pneumatic tyre by J. B. Dunlop in 1888 was significant. Henry Ford in the U.S. devised the car ’Model T’ which was an affordable car.

In 1896, Samuel P. Langley and Otto Lilienthal invented a flying steam-powered machine. The Wright Brothers flew a motor-driven plane successfully in 1903. In 1919, Alcock and Brown flew in a plane across the Atlantic. Charles Lindbergh flew from Long Island in New York to Paris, alone in 1927. He is credited to have performed the first solo nonstop journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Exhibit 19.3
The space shuttle Atlantis is launched

After the invention of rockets man has been able to travel in space and reach the moon.

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19.5 - Innovations In Transport And Communication
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