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19.4 Achievements in Medicine and Surgery

Medical science has made enormous strides during the last 150 years. Rene Laennec is world renowned for his invention of the stethoscope.

With the aid of the microscope, Robert Koch discovered the germs which caused cholera and tuberculosis. Emil Von Behring enabled the protection of children from diphtheria by introducing vaccination. Walter Reed, an American doctor, found that yellow fever was spread by mosquitoes.

Sir James Young Simpson discovered the anaesthetic properties of chloroform. Sir Joseph Lister, a world-renowned English surgeon of Glasgow University, is considered to be the father of antiseptic surgery. In 1929, Sir Alexander Fleming demonstrated that Penicillin was a miracle drug in treating diseases like pneumonia, syphilis, peritonis, tetanus and other illnesses. The first successful heart transplant was performed by Dr. Christian Barnard.

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19.4 - Achievements In Medicine And Surgery
19.5 - Innovations In Transport And Communication
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