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10. 2 German Expansion

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Nazi leader Hitler exposed his plans for aggression. He planned to challenge the Treaty of Versailles through his armed forces - especially, the issue regarding territorial limits stated in the Treaty. In 1938, Germany annexed Austria. Hitler went on to demand that Sudentenland also join Germany or else, German troops would be sent to annex it. By the Treaty of Versailles, Sudentenland was assigned to Czechoslovakia. Britain and France were shocked at Hitlerís demand. President Roosevelt sent appeals to Hitler and Mussolini (of Italy). This was followed by appeals made from London and Paris. The Nazi leader agreed to negotiate and discuss the matter peacefully. British and French prime ministers met in Munich on September 28-29, 1938. At the Munich conference, Britain and France agreed to give Germany Sudentenland, without even consulting Czechoslovakia. This agreement was actually an "appeasement." But even this ploy failed to check the fascist powers. In March 1939, Hitler invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia.

In America, the Roosevelt administration was supporting the western democracies. During the Munich conference, Roosevelt sent messages to France and Britain with the hope that peace would be retained. In his annual message to the Congress in January 1939, the President told the nation: "There are many methods short of war, but stronger and more effective than mere words, of bringing home to aggressor governments the aggregate sentiments of our own people." From his words, it was evident that the President was hinting at the need to impose some kind of boycott on the aggressor governments.

Meanwhile, Germany and Mussolini set off in their conquest of the world. On September 3rd, 1939, Germany attacked Poland. Two days later, France and Britain declared war on Germany. The Second World War had commenced.

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10.0 - Chronology of Major Events
10.1 - America Before The Outbrake Of The Second World War
10.2 - German Expansion
10.3 - The US And The War
10.4 - Departure From Neutrality
10.5 - The Land Lease Act
10.6 - The Pearl Harbour Incident
10.7 - Impact Of The War
10.8 - US Diplomacy During The War
10.9 - Conference At Dumberton Oaks
10.10 - The Yalta Conference
10.11 - Points To Remember

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