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10.8 US Diplomacy during the war

The U.S. took the initiative in laying the economic foundations for peace. President Roosevelt and secretary Hull realized the need for specialized agencies for the promotion of economic and cultural co-operation between nations. In the light of these aims, the U.S. convened an international conference on food and agriculture at Hot Springs, Virginia (1943). It was at this conference that the suggestion for a Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was established. The U.S. believed that the creation of such an organization would help prevent wars by preventing famines. Later, in November 1943, 44 countries signed a protocol for a United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. The aim of the organization was to provide immediate and quick aid to war-ravaged countries. Similarly, in April 1944, the International Labor Organization set up by the League of Nations was reorganized. Another major achievement, was the conference on International Monetary and Finance policies, held in Bretton Wood, in July 1944. At this conference, the Bretton Woods agreement was signed. This agreement planned to set up an International Monetary Fund of $ 8-8 billion to help stabilize national currencies. In the same conference, it was decided to form a World Bank which could provide loans to countries for economic development and Reconstruction.


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10.0 - Chronology of Major Events
10.1 - America Before The Outbrake Of The Second World War
10.2 - German Expansion
10.3 - The US And The War
10.4 - Departure From Neutrality
10.5 - The Land Lease Act
10.6 - The Pearl Harbour Incident
10.7 - Impact Of The War
10.8 - US Diplomacy During The War
10.9 - Conference At Dumberton Oaks
10.10 - The Yalta Conference
10.11 - Points To Remember

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