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10. 7 Impact of the War

The 2nd World War left a deep mark on the American psyche. Several men left their homes for military duty in foreign lands. The dropout rate in colleges and Universities shot up. All in all the U.S. emerged a stronger and confident nation from the war. As David Task said: "Ironically, the Second World War sold the American people as never before on the importance of accepting vast international obligations and responsibilities. They may have learned too late; the proper time to grasp this lesson was 1919 and before."

For America, the victory in the War was a victory of democracy. It led to a strengthening of Democratic institutions at home and abroad. The War resulted in the formation of the United Nations in 1946, replacing the defunct League of Nations. The UN was formed to settle disputes between countries. Lastly, the post-World War period saw the world slowly being divided into two distinct ideological camps. The U.S. and her Allies in Western Europe led one camp. The USSR with her communist Allies in Asia and East Europe led the other.

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Table of Contents

10.0 - Chronology of Major Events
10.1 - America Before The Outbrake Of The Second World War
10.2 - German Expansion
10.3 - The US And The War
10.4 - Departure From Neutrality
10.5 - The Land Lease Act
10.6 - The Pearl Harbour Incident
10.7 - Impact Of The War
10.8 - US Diplomacy During The War
10.9 - Conference At Dumberton Oaks
10.10 - The Yalta Conference
10.11 - Points To Remember

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