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10. 9 Conference at Dumberton Oaks

At the close of the conference of Foreign ministers in October 1943, Moscow issued a declaration stating the need to set up "...a general international organization, based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all peace-loving states, and open to membership by all such states, large and small, for the maintenance of international peace and security." This declaration led to a conference in August 1944 at Dumberton Oaks, Washington. At this historic conference, the representatives from America, Britain, Russia and China drafted a preliminary framework for the UN charter. The tentative proposals, which became the basis for the United Nations Organization (U.N.O.), known as the Dumberton Oaks Plan, were adopted at this conference.

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Table of Contents

10.0 - Chronology of Major Events
10.1 - America Before The Outbrake Of The Second World War
10.2 - German Expansion
10.3 - The US And The War
10.4 - Departure From Neutrality
10.5 - The Land Lease Act
10.6 - The Pearl Harbour Incident
10.7 - Impact Of The War
10.8 - US Diplomacy During The War
10.9 - Conference At Dumberton Oaks
10.10 - The Yalta Conference
10.11 - Points To Remember

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