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10.11 Points to Remember

This war proved the futility of the peace negotiations and the Policy of appeasement that Britain and France had purchased, while dealing with Nazi Germany.

This war saw the use of more advanced weapons. The fights occurred on sea, land and in air. The U.S.formally entered the war after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The war ultimately revealed the superiority of the U.S. both in terms of diplomacy and military power. In this war, lethal weapons like the Atomic bombs and rockets were used, killing millions of civilians.

The war saw the U.S. emerge as a major world Power. Even after the war, the U.S. saw great prosperity at home. Her economic and military strength saw her dictating terms to the socialist powers led by the USSR. The Post-war period saw the world divided into 2 camps - one led by the U.S. and her allies in Western Europe (Capitalist camp) and the other was led by the USSR and her socialist allies in Eastern Europe and Asia (communist camp).

This was the beginning of the ’cold war’ between the two super powers.



Table of Contents

10.0 - Chronology of Major Events
10.1 - America Before The Outbrake Of The Second World War
10.2 - German Expansion
10.3 - The US And The War
10.4 - Departure From Neutrality
10.5 - The Land Lease Act
10.6 - The Pearl Harbour Incident
10.7 - Impact Of The War
10.8 - US Diplomacy During The War
10.9 - Conference At Dumberton Oaks
10.10 - The Yalta Conference
10.11 - Points To Remember

Chapter 11


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